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About Us
Founded by Arda Tahtacı in 2018, Artado Software is a Turkey-based community that develops applications and software on both mobile and computer platforms. Artado Software strives to make the internet a better place with its many projects. We strive to make the internet a free, anonymous and confidential environment. Artado is not just an institution founded by one person. Artado is a community and produces software that evolves with the community.

About Artado Search
Artado Search aims to provide you with ad-free and safest information. Artado Search started to be developed in May 2020 and entered the testing phase towards the end of 2020. Artado Search recognizes the Artado Manifest and acts accordingly. It respects and protects users' privacy, freedom and anonymity.

No Annoying Ads!
Artado Search has no ads that follow you and block your search. There are only organic results.

Artado Search cares about your privacy. In Artado Search, your movements are not tracked and those who track your movements are blocked. Artado Search does not collect the words you searched for. We only collect which language you use Artado Search to improve our translations. The collected data is completely anonymous. We cannot identify you in any way.

Open Source
Artado Search and many other services are open source. In this way, people in the community can contribute to the development of our services.

In Artado search, you can customize your homepage as you like.

Our Results and Results of Other Search Engines
Artado Search has its own database and its own web crawling bot services. Our bots surf the web and save the results in the database. Our bots score sites according to certain criteria and save them in our database. In addition to our own results, we also present the results of other search engines to the user.

Our Goals
Our biggest goal is to make the internet a place where everyone can freely exchange information, respect personal data and express ideas without any censorship. We develop software and services for this purpose. Many of the services we have developed are open source. In this way, it can contribute to the development of software and services for people in the community.

Special Thanks
I would like to thank Ismail Şenönder for his contribution to the development process of Artado Search, my family and the Artado community, who have offered me the greatest support in the process of the project's progress.