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Privacy Policy
Artado does not collect any of your personal data. So what do we mean by personal data? In our opinion, personal data is data that will create a profile for you or determine who you are, such as your IP address, geographic location, data about your browser and operating system, time spent on the site or application, and searches you make. Therefore, we do not collect this data or any similar data.

So what kind of data do we collect?
We only collect the language you use Artado to improve our translations. Every search you make on Artado is recorded anonymously in the database. So we don't see what you are looking for. We only see what language you are using Artado in. For example, let's search for 'Music' on Artado. The data recorded in the database is as follows:

ID            Searched                       Languages:

ID = Indicates the number of requests.
Searched = Your search is censored in the database as '[anon]'.
Language = The language in which you use Artado Search.

Do we share your information with 3rd parties?
No. 3. we do not share data with parties.

We use cookies only for customization settings. That is, we use cookies in settings such as changing the background or logo from the settings.